Thousands of families relocating from the UK to Europe

Posted on August 20, 2019

Thousands of families relocating from  the UK to Europe

Here at Click Move towers we’ve seen a huge spike in enquiries from families relocating from  the UK to Europe, and the principal cause seems to be not just BREXIT,   but also the future under the conservative government’s current leadership.  The future really does  just look dire,  and here’s what our clients are saying.

Jean-Claude works in IT and recently moved to Paris with Click Moves after more than a decade in London. “I just don’t think that my career path would be secure if I remained in London, so I spent the past 6 months on the job market  and found a new role with a French bank in Paris”.

Click Moves London

Tim & Sarah Paterson are moving with their young family to Stockholm, Sweden.  “We hear that the UK will make trade deals with the US that will far outweigh the benefits of EU membership.  But the US knows that Britain is desperate, and has no back up plan –  so any deal will be wildly in favour of the US.  The UK economy will struggle and there will be less opportunities and job losses as a result,  so we wanted to take control of our destinies and move to Sweden which we feel offers greater security of us and our kids”.

Usman Camara moved to Montreal, Canada   this was his first international relocation.    “Its not just BREXIT, it’s the neglect of the NHS,  the education system,  the knife crime on the streets,  higher taxes, crumbling infrastructure,   the cost of living, and no single leader with a clear and structured strategy to implement improvements  –   its time to move on”

Henry Kong moved to Singapore with Click Moves in January this year “I grew up in Hong Kong where the colonial legacy was based on strong government,  economic stability, strong infrastructure,  and great  healthcare and education.   Well somewhere along the road the UK has lost sight of these foundations because the UK is in turmoil.   At the end of the day there is only so many punches that you can take before you throw in the towel, and walk away”.

There are some pretty strong views here,  but is it just a small minority who think this way?  We think not and the statistics back us up,  net migration of EU migrants to the UK has dropped to its lowest level for almost a decade, as eastern European citizens choose to leave or stay away.

Click Moves is an International moving company, we offer door to door services to all major cities at very affordable rates, helping thousands of families relocate overseas.  So if you’re planning a move drop us a line, we’d be delighted to assist.