Moving from The UK to Portugal?

Moving to Portugal has never been easier! ClickMoves provide a weekly door to door moving service to all areas of Portugal. So whether it’s the elegant streets of Lisbon and Porto or the idyllic shores of the Algarve, if you are thinking of relocating to Portugal, ClickMoves can provide an efficient and affordable removal service that suits you:

  • you can either choose our super quick “European Assisted Removal Service” option,  which is popular  for clients moving to Portugal on a tight budget.
  • or our “European Consolidated Moving Service, which is perfect if you are looking for an economical way to move to Portugal  with a full home of furniture and personal effects.
  • and finally our “European Premium Moving Service”  which offers guaranteed removal and delivery dates, with packing , unpacking, re-assembly of furniture and everything else that you might need to make  a stress-free move to Portugal.

So if you are considering relocating to Portugal, and you need some advice or a quotation for international moving services, don’t hesitate and get in touch with our European Division to arrange a day and time for a video consultation with one of Relocation Consultants.


Liam Hallinan
I searched for many cargo companies in order to move my belongings from the UK to Dublin. Clickmoves emailed an offer and having read the reviews, I decided to use their service. This is the first time I've needed to use a cargo for an international move. Matt was extremely professional, polite, and responded to queries in an efficient manner. I was extremely impressed with the service and would certainly consider using them again in future. Thank you Matt for alleviating the stress of moving abroad! Liam
Lavayssiere Pascale
We took Clickmoves for our moving from London to France in brittany door to door Every thing was ok in London and in France People was very nice and professional Nothing broken They have been on time in London and in France I highly recommend them
Clear communication and well managed expectations throughout. It was difficult to do in the middle of a worldwide pandemic but Matt and his team did a great job and all my belongings arrived without any unexpected issues. Would definitely recommend Clickmoves.
Louis Saunders
I had a really easy experience with these guys when moving my stuff over from Hong Kong to London. Everyone down to the packing team were quick and professional - would defo recommend these lot!
Samuele Venturelli
I just had all my stuffs moved from London to Malta. Great service. I had fragile belongings which were treated with care and I received them in the same conditions as before shipping. Thank you for the service! Really recommended.
Jan Hallstrom
We just had all our belongings moved from London to Sweden. The move went very smoothly and Matt and his team were very helpful throughout the whole process. I would strongly recommend ClickMoves if you are planning an international move.
Adela Stenberg
I've been dealing with terrible international moving companies in the past and I can truly say the organization with Matt and Clickmoves have been the complete opposite. Fantastic communication, smooth pick-up and delivery between London and the Swedish countryside. The move was completed within just 48h. Incredible service, would definitely recommend!
Naomi Boxall
Clickmoves were fantastic, from start to finish. First - I was recommended by a friend who moved from London to Malaga. A video call walkaround with Matt in late-April to agree the volume of all my belongings, and a quote later that day, along with a suggested storage venue, with which drivers were familiar, in Germany. A request for an intermediate stop was a small amount extra on top of the quote, but all paperwork was swiftly concluded, no glitches with making payment online. On moving day, two fellas and a massive truck arrived at 1pm (an hour early), and they loaded 6m3 in about an hour, segregating the boxes (and other belongings) into their 'intermediate' and 'long term' groups. They took care to wear masks the entire time (June 20), and were conscientious about where I was vaccuuming and mopping as they went. After signing for my belongings, they drove through the night... ...and met me at the apartment the following lunchtime - arriving before me! A few boxes of unloading and we convoyed across town to the storage unit where they unloaded everything else. I did go back and rearrange the boxes so that the unit made more sense (all boxes around the outsides, so you could see numbers etc), but I didn't hear anything break while moving things around. I also felt that they looked after the wooden bed frame with care, no additional scratches as far as I can tell. Final signatories and they were off to their final destination (Poland) with a semi-filled truck (someone else's stuff). Matt checked in that all was in order, and transaction was complete! All in all, a fantastic moving experience, and one I've since recommended (and know they've taken up) to other Brefugees!

What Will Need to be done?

Choosing the right international removal service is a big decision and requires a lot of planning, so we encourage all of our customers to speak with a ClickMoves relocation consultant via a video call. We need to know your requirements (dates, budget, expectations etc), and we need to take a look at everything that needs to be moved, and access for our professional removals team. We also need to discuss other aspects such as customs requirements, visas, transit insurance for international moves, and storage.

Frequently asked questions

It varies depending on the services required (for example packing/unpacking, storage in transit etc), and most importantly the volume and sometimes weight of the furniture and personal effects that you moving to Portugal. Prices for moving to Portugal start as low as £490.00

It varies depending the volume and sometimes weight of the furniture and personal effects that you moving to Portugal.Prices for storage removals start as low as £10.00 per month

BREXIT will continue to have an impact on what you can send with your removal service to Portugal, and your Click Moves relocation consultant with guide on the latest customs regulations for international removals. However in general, you will be able to import used household goods and personal effects for your own use, and not for re-sale.

Generally speaking the international removal costs will be cheaper than buying furniture new, so if you’re thinking of getting an unfurnished apartment or house we suggest you to take the furniture with you. However you have the option of renting a furnished or part furnished place , in which case you may not need to take everything with you. You also have the option of renting furniture of course, however overtime that becomes more expensive than shipping or buying new, so that really depends on how long you intend to stay in your new Country.

We recommend that you do because there are risks when transporting fragile things thousands of miles by land , sea and air. We take every possible precaution to minimise that risk, but the simple fact is that risks do remain, and this is the reason why the Movers cannot guarantee a damage free move and we limit our liability for damage. The transit insurance is just in place to ensure that you get compensated in case something happens.

For an international removals by land, sea or air all small items and personal effects need to be wrapped, boxed and stackable. Furniture and other items that cannot be boxed (pictures, mirrors etc) will be wrapped by your expert movers . Export wrapping does depend on your final destination and the mode of transport, but generally for sea and air freight packing consists of several layers of different material that ensures your furniture is protected, but also is still able to breathe. This is to ensure that there is less chance of condensation forming, which can occur with temperature changes whilst your goods are in transit to your new home abroad. All items are numbered and inventoried, this is required so that we can ensure all items are tracked throughout the transit process, and it may also required for customs clearance.

Sorting out your financial planning is critical prior to relocating overseas. Take a look at the main aspects of finance you need to organise before you leave the country:

  • Bank accounts and credit cards– do you need to keep your UK bank accounts? Certainly you do if you will continue to own  assets in the UK, such as property. Before you get settled into your new home, you should also set up an international account. Many UK banks will offer these, so it won’t be a stressful process.  There is also a new wave of on-line banking options which enables cheap and easy currency exchanges, transfers, and financial management.
  • Pensions – You can either leave your pension in the UK, or transfer it to an approved arrangement in your new country of residence. But before you move, you must inform your current pension holder.
  • Existing insurance and other financial commitments – you will need to carefully go through your bank statements and ensure that you cancel any standing orders or direct debits that you will no longer need. And check that any unnecessary insurance polices are cancelled (many have an auto-renew policy these days).
  • Income  taxes – Whether you have to pay expat taxes will depend on your own personal circumstances. You can check on the government website  whether you’ll still be liable for tax whilst overseas.


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