Advice to new Expats

Posted on April 1, 2019

Moving overseas with your career is probably one of the biggest decisions you’ll make throughout your professional and personal life.  Here we offer some useful advice to new expats:

Research your new home well before you arrive,  and not just in terms of where to live or schools for the kids,   dig into what makes the country tick,  history and culture,  what’s appropriate or inappropriate.

Language  is not just a way of communication, it’s a way to integrate into your new home. In my experience the vast majority of Expats make very little effort to learn any of their host countries language other than barking a few commands at a taxi driver, or waiter.   Those that do learn the language often have a much wider cultural experience.   A few words is better than no words.

Sport  is a great way to get to make friends easily and quickly,   so if you have a sport that you can play  get involve in a team as quickly as possible.   If you’re playing days are over, you can still get involved in an administrative capacity.

Container Ship at Port

Acclimatize slowly,  especially in the far east the temperatures in places  such as Hong Kong and Singapore can be brutal and dangerous.   I’ve always followed the example of Aussie Expats   who know how damaging the sun can be from their own home-land.   Make sure that you wear sun cream on all exposed skin,  and a hat is always a good idea.

Embrace the differences,   many Expat that I have meet do not enjoy their experience overseas because they are trying too hard to mirror their home country life-styles – our advice is to mix it up a little,  and try something new every day , if you don’t like it then so be it – at least you tried. And encourage the kids to do the same.