Brexit: The French are moving out of London in their hundreds.

Posted on February 19, 2019

London has long been a favored expat city for the French, according to Emanuel Macron it was France’s “6th city”. Well the love affair is coming to an end as Brexit looms the french are moving out of London in their hundreds.

Brexit, Maude leaving London

ClickMoves client Maude Thomas has lived in London for 15 years, but as with many in the French community in London she has decided to head home, “the city has lost its appeal for me, London was always a commercial and economic hub for Europe that allowed all EU citizens to ply their trade without commercial barriers, and the was a key component to the UKs economic success. What a lot of people do not understand is that the Brexit debate will not stop on March 29th it will continue to be a contentious issue for the next 10 years dividing the population. And although in the long-term the UK may see economic benefits as it nurtures trade links with the rest of the World, the short term disruption to the country will be calamitous”, Ms Thomas told ClickMoves.

ClickMoves has a slightly more positive attitude towards Brexit, however we do see that the numbers of French moving out of the UK with us has increased quite dramatically over the past 9 months, and on the flip side we see many less french people moving over to the UK.