Do I need Transit Insurance

Posted on January 26, 2019

The question we are often asked by clients is “Do I need transit insurance?”, well the simple answer is YES. Whilst we take every possible care to ensure that risks of damage and loss are minimal, risks do remain.

Let me give you an example, a container ship at sea hits a storm and rolls from side to side with the waves, although the containers are secure there can be movement of items inside the container itself – expert packing and loading will help minimise the risk of damage, but depending on the depth and ferocity of the storm the risks increase.

So in general we do recommend that clients buy transit insurance, but we are also aware that this is an extra cost for you so depending on the circumstances we will give you some guidance and advice to help keep the costs down. Here’s some tips:

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How to reduce the cost of transit insurance

  • Do NOT undervalue items because this causes serious problems if you need to make a claim. If the insurers can prove that you have under-valued one item, they have the right to invoke a “co-insurance clause” and reduce the payout on any claims.
  • You don’t need to insure everything (despite what some Movers say), and we recommend for example you don’t need to insure old pots and pans, low value day to day clothes and miscellaneous things.
  • Ask to pay a higher excess, as this can significantly reduce the premium you pay. Remembering that you only pay the excess once, not on each item that you’re claiming on.

If you have any further questions about transit insurance don’t hesitate to contact us