How much does an International Removal cost

Posted on May 24, 2019

No matter how long you have before you are scheduled to move overseas –  a few months, a few weeks, or a few days, you’re still going to have to answer a number of essential questions to complete the trouble-free move you want.  One of these fundamental questions is, of course, is how much are international moving costs?

Why do average moving costs matter?

The actual door to door removal is one of the most important aspects of your international move, but its not the only cost – you need to consider flights, short-term and long term accommodation,  deposits, insurance, visas or other immigration issues  –  there are a whole heap of costs. So the best way to start is by preparing  your moving budget   by breaking down all the costs you are likely to incur by month  –  this way you can budget on a monthly basis and put that money aside,  you will reduce the moving stress by knowing that you’re financially ready to handle the move ahead of you.

Thus said, remember that the only way to get an accurate estimate of the costs of your move is to have your chosen moving company perform an expert visual inspection of your home (at Click Moves we do this via a Video Call which means that you’re not too inconvenienced)  and give you a precise price quote. Nevertheless, understanding various real-life moving scenarios and their approximate costs will help you gain a deeper knowledge of what relocation options you actually have and what to expect from your movers estimate.

The approximate costs of moving you’ll find in this article should serve as a useful preview of what your actual moving quote will look like. In reality, these approximated values can only be used as guidance because the real-life moving company rates will be dependent on the region where you live, your town or city, and the experience and skill and reputation of the moving company itself.

Moving company costs on average

For an international move you will need  the help of a professional moving company as it’s a complicated business transporting fragile personal effects thousands of miles across international borders by land sea and air.   In order to provide you with an estimate of their costs and International Movers look at:

Import, Export, Logistics concept – Map global partner connection of Container Cargo freight ship for Logistic Import Export background (Elements of this image furnished by NASA)
  • the size of your house or apartment (the bigger it is, the more items there will be inside it);
  • the volume of items that need to be packed and shipped
  • the number of additional services to be performed (for example, packing your home by yourself or having it packed by the pros?);
  • the number of packers and movers required;
  • the access to your residence , for example if they cannot park their truck close to your front door they will need additional men for carrying.
  • The distance from the nearest port (airport)  from your home.
  • Complexities in customs clearance in your destination country
  • Access at your new home.

Once your mover has taken everything into account they will provide you with a quotation detailing the service that you have requested,  a  total volume (or weight for air freight shipments),  and a rate.    The rate will depend on the distance to your new home over seas and the complexity of the move, but to give you some approximate guidelines you can consider the following averages:

  • Moving door to door from  Paris  to New York with a Studio apartments worth of goods and chattels  would cost in the region of USD1,500
  • Moving door to door from  London  to Hong Kong with a 2 bedroom  apartments worth of goods and chattels  would cost in the region of USD2,000
  • Moving door to door from  London to Paris  with a 3 bedroom house worth of goods and chattels  would cost in the region of USD3,000
  • Moving door to door from  Hong Kong  to London with a 25 boxes of personal effect  would cost in the region of USD1,000
  • Moving door to door from  London  to Geneva with a Studio apartments worth of goods and chattels  would cost in the region of USD2,000

Additional services will cost you more;

  • Purchasing moving insurance will add up to the approximate cost of moving house but it can be an excellent decision to protect your valuable possessions against accidental damage.

Click Moves is an International Mover with offices around the world, we specialize in providing high quality services at affordable rates. So if you are planning a move overseas, please feel free to drop us line with any questions that may come to mind – ns