Moving to Germany – Top Tips

Posted on September 20, 2019

We’ve been handling a lot of enquiries for families moving to Germany, so we thought we would put together a little guide with some important “to-do” actions for new arrivals in Germany

Register at the local Bürgeramt or Rathaus

Once you’ve got a permanent address in Germany go get yourself registeredh – why is this important?  Because you cannot get utilities installed, broadband, open a bank account unless you have a registered address in Germany.

Also depending on where in Germany you live you need to register straight after moving here or you have up to 2 weeks for that.

One tip, and believe us we know what we are talking about here, don’t put off the registration with the authorities in Germany, this could get you into some big troubles even years later.

Get a German Bank Account

This is the second most important thing to do, because again it will be unlikely that register for an broadband account or mobile phone unless you have a bank account.   Post BREXIT banks may also be needing to see that you have a residential visa for living in Germany.

Find a German Internet Provider

As you don’t want to be cut off communication with your friends and families you need to get a German internet contract as fast as possible.  Usually most of the German internet service providers offer you internet and a land-line at the same time.   If you don’t want to rely on Skype and need a German land-line number then make sure to get one of those hybrid contracts that offer both internet and telephone.   One thing you need to know about German internet providers is that they might need 3-6 weeks before they can provide you with your internet connection.  This is an awful long time so if possible you should already take care of choosing a German internet provider before moving to Germany, provided that you already have found a place to stay already.   A few things you need to find out for yourself is if you want to sign up for 24 months (which will be cheaper but not flexible in case you move away again) or if you prefer contracts that can be canceled by the end of each month.

German Mobile Phone Contract

Again there are millions of choices, whether you want a 24 months contract, a prepaid card, you need extra mobile data or your focus is good connection even in rural areas.   In Germany there are a few big mobile carriers such as 1&1, Deutsche Telekom, Tarifhaus and o2 .    In general Deutsche Telekom is the priciest option but has by far the best quality of connection.    So if you are travelling a lot in Germany or live in a very rural area Telekom will be most likely your best choice.   1&1 is the best compromise between cheap rates and good mobile coverage.    O2 is a good choice if you live in the city and you want to find the cheapest deals on all net flats including mobile internet.   But be aware that in rural areas connection quality might be worse than with other carriers.

Find a Cheap Electricity Provider

Once you move into a new flat you will automatically be signed up with the local electricity company (called Grundversorger).   This may be very handy as you have nothing to do, but it also means that you probably pay more than you should.

Mature woman using tablet computer while relaxing on sofa at home

Register with the authorities – Bürgeramt/Einwohnermeldeamt

What many people forget to do is toregister with the authorities as soon as possible (see above).

Depending on which city you have moved to you need to find the Einwohnermeldeamt (e.g. in Bavaria) or the Bürgeramt (e.g. in Berlin) and let them know your new address.

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