Moving to Sweden during Covid crisis – Is it possible?

Posted on May 12, 2020

Here at Click Moves we’ve received a lot of enquiries in recent weeks from UK based Swedes with the same question “Is it possible to pack and ship my personal effects and possessions from the UK back to Sweden during this Covid crisis?”. Well the simple answer is YES, and as this seems to be a common concern for the Swedish Community in the UK , we thought that it would be a good idea to do a “Moving to Sweden Q & A” with the help of our good friends @londonswedes.

Can I move from London to Stockholm – I heard the borders were closed?

This is a fair assumption considering we are still locked-down in the UK, but not accurate. Although the movement of people is currently restricted, freight and cargo is generally not, in fact most borders in the Schengen zone have remained open and unrestricted for trucks, and (at the time of writing) ferries and the Eurotunnel are running regularly for freight.

Do Click Moves have Covid19 safety measures during removals?

Certainly the work we do in our clients homes such as packing, removal and delivery has required greater scrutiny on safety. The Government advice to us has always been that removals work could continue as long as it can be done safely for our clients and our staff,   and that we follow the latest guidelines to maintain distancing and sanitising. And of course that no work should be carried out by a person who has coronavirus symptoms, however mild. Additionally we ask clients to pre-pack (whenever possible) personal effects, clothes and smaller items that are not fragile, as this helps us minimise the time we need to spend in the residence.

How much does it cost for a removal from the UK to Sweden?

Our clients come from all walks of life ranging from students through to retirees, and so we have a very wide spectrum of needs and budgets. Most recently the Click Moves team in London have been receiving a lot of enquiries from young Swedes that have lost their jobs due to coronavirus related cuts, so the removal costs are a very sensitive topic. I think the best way to explain our removal services and pricing , is to give you some real examples of some recent clients:

  • Signe (pictured below) moved with Click Moves from London SW3 to Stockholm in early May.   She had 12 boxes of mostly clothes, personal effects, and some kitchenware that she had packed herself.  She needed delivery as quickly as possible in Stockholm because she was starting a new job on the following Monday, and so we provided a “direct truck” service which normally takes 3 or 4 days. We asked her to place her boxes in an area close to the main entrance of her apartment so that we could easily collect and maximise distancing. Signe paid a total of £790 for the full door to door service.

  • Thea and Oscar used Click Moves for their shipment from north London to Gothenburg. They were already in Sweden and could not come back for the packing and removal due to Coronavirus and  so we arranged with their landlord to give us access to the property and using a video link they were able to explain exactly what needed to be packing and moved to their new home in Sweden.   They had a few pieces of furniture in addition to boxes of personal effects, and they paid a total of £1,190.00. we delivered everything to them yesterday in Gothenburg.
  • The Gustavsson family from East Grinstead moved to Malmo in April with Click Moves. They have a 4 bedroom house full of furniture and personal possessions, but they did not yet have a house in Malmo to move into so they did not want a quick delivery.   We spent 2 days in their home getting everything packed,   they we were very accommodating and made sure that the 2m distancing rule was followed (other than Kaya below who nearly got packed up). They also sectioned off one downstairs bathroom where the Click Moves packers could regularly wash their hands. On completion of the removal everything was returned to the Click Moves depot for short-term storage. We received notification over the weekend that they are now ready for delivery, so we will load everything onto our “road-train” truck which leaves next week. The road-train is the largest truck we have, and there will be a total of 4 clients consignments sharing the vehicle. One client is for delivery in Northern Germany which we will do en route to Sweden, then the Gustavsson’s delivery in Malmo, and lastly two smaller deliveries for clients for Stockholm (normally we have collections to make in Sweden to bring back to the UK so the truck is never empty).   The road-train offers clients with larger loads a cost effective way to move to Sweden.   The total removal cost for the Gustavsson’s including storage was £6,125.00

Are there any restrictions on what I can ship to Sweden?

Sweden is a full member of the EU, which means that Swedes and all EU citizens can import used household goods and personal possessions into Sweden without restrictions or incurring any taxes or duties, as long as everything is for your own personal use and not for re-sale.   However there are some prohibited items that you are not allowed to import, such as weapons, plants, inflammable goods, offensive materials, contraband, or food stuffs.

How long will it take to ship my stuff to Sweden?

 The quickest would be 3 days using our “direct service”, which is suitable for the smaller consignments. For larger moves using our “road-train” service clients should allow for 1-2 weeks.

Can Click Moves deliver to anywhere in Sweden?

Yes, in fact we recently completed a delivery to Kiruna in the north of Sweden, but mostly we make deliveries in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo of course.

And lastly, here’s a few reasons why you should think about using Click Moves to help you relocate to Sweden

  • Click Moves is fully insured during the move and offers extended liability insurance
  • We are pretty sure that you will not find a better price for the service we offer
  • Our vehicles are modern and you’ll find our drivers diligent and courteous.
  • The best recommendation comes from previous clients, so please check out our Trust Pilot review page.

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