Quotations For Moving House To Portugal

Posted on April 17, 2024

More and more folks are moving to Portugal, the climate is wonderful, as is the food, its cheap, and  its relatively easy to get a visa. So we thought we’d offer some guidance on what Moving services are available, and how much you should budget for removal services to Portugal. So read on if you’re planning to look for quotations for moving house to Portugal, or Madeira.

There’s obviously a variety of different removal services available for people planning on relocating to Portugal and Madeira. From the most expensive  full service “white glove” removal service, to the more economic  “assisted move” service. So here we look at the range of removal services to Portugal.

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Full packing service: our professional packers will carefully pack and inventory all your household goods and personal effects, furniture, pictures and paintings etc. We will even dismantle and reassemble furniture likes beds. We’ll also do the unpacking, and remove all the debris once we reach your final destination in Portugal.

Part packing service: you can save some money, if you are happy to pre-pack all your personal effects, smaller and non fragile items. Just leave the complicated stuff for us to pack.

Door to door: This is what most clients ask us to do – we will come to your current home and collect all the items that need to be moved to Portugal, and arrange the whole process including customs clearance, and final delivery to your new home in Portugal

Depot to door: You can save a bit of money if you are prepared to deliver everything to our depot. And then we will take over from there, and arrange the whole process including customs clearance, and final delivery to your new home in Portugal

Depot to depot: Our even cheaper would be if you are able to deliver everything to our UK deport, ANF collect everything from one of our depots in Portugal. So we will just be responsible for the transport between our UK and Portugal depots, plus the customs clearance.

Transport by land: this is generally the best, and most cost effective way move household goods and personal effects between the UK and Portugal. Our trucks will either take the ferry to Portugal, or sometimes we will drive through France and northern Spain and then into Portugal

Transport by sea: But we do also offer a sea freight service for clients from further afield – for example moving from US to Portugal, or relocating to Portugal from Australia.

Transport by air: for clients with small consignments, for example moving a few boxes  to Portugal, it is sometimes cheaper and quicker to send boxes by air freight to Portugal and Madeira.

Assisted move service: This is a one man collection and delivery service, so clients are requested to “assist” with loading and unloading the truck.

Full removal service: This service comes with 2 to 3 men so clients do not need to assist with anything.

Import tax and duties: there should not be any additional import taxes or duties if clients have all the correct residential visas and paperwork. We cover this in anther post that you can read here

Budget: prices depend on the volume of things that you’re planning on moving to Portugal.

A small consignment like this might cost around €600
A bigger load like this could cost as much as €1,500
And a big consignment like this should be around €2,000

Which are the best Movers to Portugal? well of course we would like you to ask for a free quote for moving to Portugal – just follow this link. But can also get some comparison quotes from Crown and/or Matthew James or Pickfords

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