The Best Cities to Live and Work in Europe

Posted on January 14, 2022

Here at ClickMoves Towers we’ve seen a big increase in  enquiries from clients to moving to Europe, particularly Germany, Sweden and Portugal.  So we put our research caps on and put together a new list of the Best Cities to Live and Work in Europe.  

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We thought we’d look at the most popular destinations for our clients relocating – and they are  Amsterdam,  Berlin, Stockholm and Lisbon. 

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One of the fastest growing cities in Europe,  with a booming tech industry and an enviable reputation for equality and environmental modernism.  Stockholm is attracting global investment, creating jobs,  and here at ClickMoves we seen a 300% increase in the numbers of clients moving from the UK to Stockholm.

Its advisable for non-Swedes to learn the language, but its not necessarily a barrier to getting work in Stockholm as English is widely spoken.  You will however need both residency and work permits

Average salaries are £40,000 per annum, and the taxes are high, so your disposable income may be less than you’ve been used to in the UK. But the cost of living is lower in Sweden, a one bed flat in the city centre is around £1,000 per month. And utilities, health and education are mostly free and excellent.

Work Opportunities:

Major Employers in Stockholm: H&M, Ericsson, Spotify, Nordea Bank, Skype and Electrolux.

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Cheap cost of living, great weather, spectacular food –  what is there not to love about Portugal.  But Lisbon was hit hard by the global financial recession in 2008 and has been working tirelessly to reinvigorate its economy, and has succeeded. As tech mag Wired  recently wrote “It’s a unique tech hub in Europe with geographical similarities to San Francisco. Lisbon is an increasingly attractive hub for foreign tech entrepreneurs due to the quality of its engineering talent, English language proficiency and formidable entrepreneurial culture”.  In 2016, the big annual Web Summit conference moved from Dublin to Lisbon, and this basically told the world that Lisbon was the hottest place for new startups to be.   

So relocating to Lisbon makes real sense,  however average salaries are lower than the UK at around £22,000 per year, but of course cost of living is much lower (a one bedroom city centre flat will cost you around £700 per month) and quality of life (most people will say) is much higher. 

Work Opportunities:

Major Employers: Deloitte, Uniplaces, Nokia, Huawei, Microsoft and Google. 

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Amsterdam is a hotspot for fast-growing tech business, with a large pool of international tech talent, high quality of life, and a large number of innovative startups. The Dutch capital is one of Europes hot-spots for tech-savy job seekers, and average salaries are very good at around £43k per year.

As a place to live, Amsterdam is super cosmopolitan with  over 180 different nationalities based there English is the common language.   The city centre is basically car free, and there’s a huge network of cycle paths, making it one of the greenest cities in Europe.

ClickMoves handles over 800 removals from the UK to Amsterdam in 2021, its one of our most popular destinations for families and individuals moving to the Netherlands. 

Work Opportunities:

Major companies: Shell, Exor, Airbus, Heineken and ING

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With around 500 new tech startups per year, Berlin is Germany’s capital city also for startups. Berlin has a fast-growing startup scene and a successful infrastructure for financing and funding. With numerous incubators, accelerators and coworking spaces, the city provides optimal conditions for entrepreneurs from around the world. Berlin is internationally recognized as a startup hub and as a breeding ground for creative people who want to change the world.  You know it’s a big deal when the likes of Microsoft and Google have both invested in major ‘accelerator’ spaces in Berlin for new startups, and  Twitter, Uber and Facebook have followed suit and set up offices there too. 

English is spoken by literally everyone, and average salaries are on a par  with London. The cost of living is lower than London but climbing, with a 1 bed flat in the town centre costing around £800 per month.

Looking for work:

Major companies: SoundCloud, Siemens, Deutsche Bank and Mercedes-Benz.

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