What should I ship to Hong Kong?

Posted on February 11, 2019

Elaine Chan recently used ClickMoves for her shipping to Hong Kong, and she asked a question that we often hear “What should I ship?”, and as always we were there to advise

The simple fact is the more you ship, the more you’ll need to pay us for moving you – so it makes sense to think carefully about what you’ll actually need to live comfortably before you start the process of moving to Hong Kong.

First of all you’ll need to consider what floor area you’ll get for your budget, because this will dictate what furniture items you can take. Generally if you want to live in Central Hong Kong, £4,000 a month gets you 2 or 3 bedrooms, and roughly 750 square feet – so your 6 seater sofa, or 10 chair dining table is not going to fit, so no point in shipping them. Ah, but i hear you say what am I going to use instead? well there are a few options:

What should I definitely take when is Move to Hong Kong?

If you’re moving with a family, its essential that the kids have familiar things around them – toys are a good example. Kitchenware – you’ll not be eating out every night and a kitchen and tableware is expensive to buy new, so we always advise to take enough for family meal times. Towels, linen, bedding, again its expensive to replace from new and you’re going to need it. Clothes – summer and some winter clothes (Winters do get cold). And we recommend that you take any unopened bathroom, toilet products and cosmetics etc as again its expensive to replace.

If you think along these lines you can generally keep the volume down to between 5CBM and 10CBM (cubic meters) – and Clickmoves specialize in this sort of volume and can give you the best rates on the market