Why relocate to Portugal?

Posted on April 24, 2024

So I guess you’re thinking about moving to Portugal, otherwise why would you be rerading this post. Well you’re in good company because according to official stats there’s over a million foreigners who have already relocated to Portugal – so it’s a popular country in which to live. So we thought that we’d write a little post explaining why emigratung to Portugal is so popular. And why do we know so mucg about moving to portugal,  well because ClickMoves have been providing door to door international moving services to Portugal for many years. And ClickMoves are concidered as one of the worlds best companies for removal services to Portugal.

A combination of reasons:

  • The weather is great, Portugal has seasons, lots of sun and the Summer temperatures have an average of 28DegC. Although winters can get quite chilly.
  • Portugal is getting more expensive, but its still one of the most affordable countries in Europe
  • It’s very safe and welcoming: but more on that soon!
  • The Portuguese people are very warm and friendly, and there’s lots of expats – so making new friends is easy.
  • There’s plenty of things to keep you busy, but the life-style is also pretty laid back – so the best of both worlds.
  • And I don’t need to tell you about the fantastic food and wine.
  • The infrastructure is pretty good – education, and healthcare are advanced,  however the bureaucracy can be arduous
Pretty Madrid street

Speaking the language

Its always a good idea to learn the language, but frankly if you’re planning on relocating to the Algarve, or moving to Lisbon or any major area, you’ll find that english is widely spoken. That’s said, if you’re planning on relocating to Madeira (by the way, ClickMoves do offer  cheap removal services to Madeira). 

So if you agree with us and would like to start, or continue learning Portuguese there are pleanty of online options BabbelRosetta StoneLingoClip (where you learn by listening to Portuguese music!), and Pimsleur (which places a big focus on speaking and listening). 

Or if you prefer face to face learning you’ll find plenty of language schools in the towns and cities of Portugal.

The Cost of Living

As I said in the opening, cost of living is on the rise, and it also varies from region to region, but in general:

  • A one bed appartment will cost between €800 – €1200
  • A cup of coffee in town , between €1 and €2
  • A mid-range diner in town, around €8 to €10
  • And a mid-range bottle of wine  around €5


One of the core questions we get from clients retiring to Portugal, is hows the healthcare, and the good news is that its pretty good. In fact it was ranked in the early twenties by the World Healthcare Index a couple of years back. And if you’re living legally in Portugal, and you have a social security number, then you will have have full access to the healthcare system in Portugal, which is calll the Serviço Nacional de Saúde

That said, after relocating to Portugal, many people prefer to use the private healthcare system. Although public healthcare is great, private healthcare is even better (with shorter waiting times, better specialist care, and higher standards).

Banking in Portugal? 

Its pretty easy to open a bank account in Portugal , as long as you have a NIF Número de Identificação Fiscal’, which we’ve written abut previously. But you could also open a EURO account with an online bank such as Revolut or Starling.

Portugal is very pet-friendly

Good news if you are planning on moving to portugal with a pet – It’s a great pet place, in fact almost 50% of portuguese people own pets. Plus the climate is pretty good as it never really gets too hot or cold. However just be aware that some appartment owners are unwilling to rent out places to pet owners. And there are rules in place that must be followed – particularly in relation to dogs being leashed in certain areas, and dogs not being allowed on beaches during certain times of the year.

Final thoughts for Moving to Portugal

That’s pretty much everything that we wanted to cover off this time.

If you’re planning on relocating to Portugal, and you need a company to help you ship your household goods and personal effects to Portugal, then get in touch. ClickMoves provide affordable moving service from all over the World to Portugal and Madeira.