Sourcing International Moving Quotations made easy by ClickMoves

Posted on February 8, 2019

Simplifying the process for getting international moving quotations ClickMoves introduced the concept of A Pre-Move video survey over skype , facetime or WhatsApp a number of months back, and its proved a huge success with our clients.

Up until a few years ago, in order to plan an international move and get quotations, most clients would call up a few international movers and arrange for them to come over to the house in order to give their sales pitch and estimate the volume of the household goods and personal effects to be shipped – a week of so later you’d receive a quote and then make a decision on which company gets the job. Today that has all changed thanks to technology and a few courageous Movers like ClickMoves who have completely re-invented the experience and journey for our clients by
simplifying the process for getting international moving quotations

The ClickMoves client experience

These days clients want to get a price for their move straight away, that way its easier to budget and plan well ahead. Prospective clients will come direct to the ClickMoves website and get a price based on an estimated volume – a few boxes, or a 2 bed house for example. If the quote is acceptable, and the prospective client is happy to move forward then we’ll arrange a video call over skype, WhatsApp or facetime or using our specially designed App. the call will only take a few minutes with one of our Relocation Consultants and you’ll show us the all the items to be shipped so that we can verify the original estimation of volume – simple, and you don’t even need to leave your home. Everything else you need to do is also online – from paying your bill, to organising transit insurance.

A video survey with a ClickMoves Relocation Consultant takes 5 – 10 minutes